To The Editor:

As a parent, you should be involved in your child’s education and be aware of what is taking place on a daily basis in your child’s classroom and their school.

If your child goes to Cecil County Public Schools, which follows an all-inclusive model, then you should really be aware of what is happening in the classroom.

Your child isn’t exaggerating when they come home and tell you another student was screaming all day.

Your child isn’t exaggerating when they say they had to leave their classroom because a student was flipping every desk in sight.

And, I hate to say it, but your child isn’t exaggerating when they say they watched a child kick, spit and hit teachers and other students.

All of these “crazy” things your child comes home and says are true.

It might not be in every school yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Schools are meant to be a safe learning environment for children. How can any instruction be absorbed when your child is battling to hear the teacher over the screaming kid? How can your child feel safe when the teacher is rushing them to the door telling them to hurry, hurry as a child is throwing desks? How much instruction time is lost due to the madness that is occurring around them?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself as a parent. Every child has a right to a free appropriate education and that is true. What needs to be addressed is how every child receives that education.

Students with high flying behaviors are being kept in general education classrooms with every other student. This is not an appropriate setting for them and is definitely not appropriate for other students.

Students that need extra support whether it be mentally, emotionally, or behaviorally should be able to receive that support, and that support is not found within a classroom.

A classroom teacher has many hats, but they are only one person and their job is to provide a safe, learning environment for their students in order to educate them.

Please, go and sit in your child’s classroom. Schedule a conference with the teacher. If you are concerned about your child’s education, be aware of the daily occurrences that are happening around them. You are your child’s advocate!


A concerned parent and Cecil County Public Schools educator

Editor's Note: We do not typically run letters with no signature. Due to the employment situation of the person who submitted this letter, we have independently verified their identity and allowed it to be published.

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