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Ravens' G Marshal Yanda accuses Titans' DL Jeffery Simmons of spitting in his face

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BALTIMORE — Ravens offensive lineman Marshal Yanda accused Titans defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons of spitting in his face Saturday night during Baltimore’s shocking 28-12 loss in the AFC divisional round.

“I do want to say another thing about No. 98 for the Titans, in my 13 years… I had that guy spit in my face today,” Yanda said in response to a question unrelated to the topic. “I just want to put him on notice in the media. I have never done this in my career, but I just want to let you know that. There is right way and a wrong way to play football, and that guy did not do it the right way today. So the refs and everybody in the NFL needs to put him on notice.”

Yanda, 35, has earned eight Pro Bowl selections in his 13-year career. He also accused the rookie Simmons of some out-of-bounds trash talk.

“I have never been spit on in my face and I literally got spit right in my face by No. 98. He needs to be put on notice by the refs, by the entire NFL and he was saying some stuff today that was just ridiculous conduct for the NFL,” Yanda said. “I just want to put him on notice because that was ridiculous conduct that I dealt with.”

Yanda has rarely, if ever, called out an opposing player for his conduct on the field. He said he addressed Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey about his young teammate’s behavior.

“I told Jurrell to get his guy, because that is ridiculous, and I do respect Jurrell, and I wanted to let him know to get his guy,” Yanda said. “That is not acceptable in this game.”

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