Ravens vs. Jets

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson said the Cleveland Browns need to “chill out” in their request to interview offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

OWINGS MILLS — Before offensive coordinator Greg Roman interviewed for the head coaching position with the Cleveland Browns on Thursday and prior to defensive coordinator Don Martindale’s meeting with the New York Giants on Saturday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh tried to offer his top assistants a bit of advice.

“We talked a little bit. Greg is more than ready. He didn’t need really any advice, but he seeks it,” Harbaugh said Friday. “‘Wink’ [Martindale] is the same way. They ask, so I try to present anything I can think of that might be valuable. I try to share it with them, but I know they both have spent a lot of time with [executive vice president] Ozzie [Newsome], as well. Who better to spend time with than Ozzie Newsome? They both did that, so they’ll be very prepared.”

He added: “Both of those guys would be great head coaches in the National Football League. I put [assistant head coach/pass coordinator/wide receivers coach] Dave Culley in the same category. It’s just a matter of the fit, whatever coach that the team sees as the best fit for their team and organization.”

Quarterback Lamar Jackson has thrived in his second season, his second in the NFL and Roman’s first as the Ravens’ offensive coordinator. He was less open to the idea of the Browns speaking to Roman.

“They need to chill out. We have something to do right now,” Jackson said Friday. “We need him to focus, because we need to focus. We’re trying to get somewhere. Let us do ours. You guys are going to have your turn when the season is over with. Just chill, we’re trying to get somewhere.”

Jackson added that he did not deem it necessary to tell Roman that he needs to focus.

“No, he should know that.”

Outside linebacker Matthew Judon said he believes Martindale would make a great head coach, but would not offer any endorsements for fear of losing him.

“I think he would make a great head coach, but I don’t want to talk about it, because I don’t want to lose him,” he said. “We’ve got some unfinished business, so at the end of the season, whenever it happens, talk to me then about it, and you’ll see how I feel.”

NFL teams are permitted to interview assistant coaches during their bye weeks. The Ravens will learn Saturday who their opponent in the divisional round will be, so Roman and Martindale will be back with the staff game planning on Sunday morning.

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