Ted Nugent Tour 2014

Ted Nugent rocks out during a show on his 2014 Shut Up & Jam Tour. On Saturday, he’ll play at Rams Head Live in Baltimore.

Ted Nugent has never been a man to mince his words. The 67-year-old rock icon has based much of his musical career on a free-wheeling, often boyish energy that seems hell-bent on doing things however it wants. Part of its primal appeal is that Nugent himself may also be unable to control it.

That unguarded youthfulness has carried into the Michigan native’s public political presence for years now, and this election season has been no different. He maintains an active Facebook page, where he shares articles about his current concert tour, Sonic Baptizm, as well as about national news stories and his conservative viewpoints. In March, he posted a list of reasons why people should support Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president. More than 170,000 Facebook users liked it. Many others, however, have interpreted his remarks as insensitive or as those of a bigot.

The Whig is not interested in making a judgment call on this one; we’ll leave that up to you. On Saturday, the Sonic Baptizm tour will bring Nugent to Baltimore, where he’ll play Rams Head Live with Cinder Road, a rock band that formed in Lutherville, Md., in 2007. Tickets cost $35 in advance or $37.50 at the venue, and doors open at 7 p.m.

* * *

The Nuge was kind enough to answer some of our questions via email. Here’s a condensed version of that Q&A sequence, with the spelling and typography of Nugent’s answers left as they were sent.

CECIL WHIG: You’ve been touring for decades. Why do you still do it?

TED NUGENT: From the very beginning in my early youth, it has always been about THE MUSIC! I love this music! I crave this music!

CW: What exactly does music mean to you, and has that meaning changed over the years?

TN: Music is the audible soundtrack to life. The spirit, flavor, drive, groove, sexuality and attitude of killer music has always turned me on and does so more today than ever.

CW: Any fond memories of touring through Baltimore in the past?

TN: Certainly the intensity of Baltimore and MD audiences has always inspired us to give it all we got. And then there are those spiritual memories of all those stunning, brilliant, sexy MD girls. Oh the humanity!

CW: You’ve been dealt quite a bit of both criticism and support for your political activism. Why do you think people have such strong responses to your opinions?

TN: Clearly I stand and connect with smart, honest people and drive dishonest weirdos crazy. So be it. In this divisive culture war, I could not be more proud of that distinction. I am unable to back off critical issues and play braindead politically correct games so that fools can continue their embarrassing denial of historical and current truth and evidence. Good people know the truth, goofballs live a lie. I’m good with that.

CW: Thoughts on why venues have canceled your shows in recent years?

TN: See above.

CW: Your personal perspective on where this country is headed?

TN: It is not pretty. That 100 million Americans have given up looking for work or have a list they are not willing to do is as unAmerican as anyone can be. The dumbing down of America has obviously gutted nearly 1/2 of us. Those of us who have not fallen for it pray to God we reverse this embarrassing cultural suicide. We the people who are fed up with the runaway abuse of power, corruption and sheer criminality in our government today will determine if actual upgrade occurs based on how dedicated how many of us are to holding our elected ermployees’ [sic] feet to the fire demanding accountability and a direct return to the US Constitution. As usual, we the people hold all the cards and time will tell if we can fix the mess we created by the embarrassing self-inflicted scourge of apathy and disconnect. My friends and I fight on harder than ever and we pray more will join in.

CW: What problems do you have with newspapers and the press in general right now?

TN: The depth of ineptitude & engineered dishonesty in SO much of the media is stunning & tragic.

CW: How can members of the media do their jobs more effectively and/or truthfully?

TN: Nothing I can say will help fools who choose to lie and shovel so much bias. They will have to look in the mirror at some point and come to grips with their unprofessionalism, ineptitude and dishonesty. I wish them well.

CW: And how many more years down the road do you expect to be touring?

TN: At 68 years clean and sober, I am very healthy and have a youthful animal energy and passion for life and the music. I don’t know the meaning of quit…

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