Reloading fun and profit

I started to reload during my high school years, both for fun and for profit, but mainly for fun. It’s a well-known fact that reloading can turn out more accurate loads than factory loads. I’ll show you how.

At the same time reloading can be expensive. My dad bought me my first set of dyes and accoutrements (which are many) to save money and make more accurate ammunition.

My first investment was for the 7 mm Mauser, or the 7 mm. There are a host of 7 mm cartridges, not the least of which is the Mauser (also the oldest). It was used during the Boer War and many others. It can be an accurate cartridge, and here’s how.

Among other things, buy a reloading manual; it is a must. Consult with the manual and other people who reload and decide on a bullet weight. For example, the 140 grain bullet is a great choice, then select a powder. It will be one which will give more bang for the buck. In other words, 45 grains of this powder will give higher velocity than 45 grains of a similar powder.

It’s always easy to go lower in grains of powder; more grains of powder may leave you with powder residue on your face, or worse. Let’s say the powder we have settled on is labeled 4350.

Measure out 45 grains of 4350 (that is very mild). Make five sample loads, then step up to 46 grains of 4350, and again, make five sample loads. Next make 47 grains of 4350. Continue up to 50 grains of 4350. Now take your sample loads to the range and sandbag it in for a test drive. Fire each selected load. At least one will be better than the rest. That is because the barrel vibrates as the bullet travels down the barrel. When you find your best load, load up a bunch of them. This group will be your best load to shoot.

There will be others with other bullets, but at least you have started on the way to success.

RV Sale

Why go to a sale? For one, you may get a great deal. Two, there will be a grouping of other like items for sale. Next, you will find more people who are interested in like items, which lends to excitement in the air. I used to do gun sales and fishing sales, so I am supposing that an RV sale will have the same air as guns or fishing.

I no longer do gun sales, having run out of reloading equipment, and similarly, have run out of items to sell. I used to make spinners, flies, jigs and rods, and like the song says, “The thrill is gone.” Nevertheless, the thrill is still there for someone else turning the truck.

Go; have a good time and maybe luck will turn your way.

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