A little bit of history

Recently, I had the chance to tour Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York. Part of Last of the Mohicans was filmed there, as well as set there, of course. On the way, I learned some history.

For example, modern warfare demands that each person have his/her own mess kit. Such was not always the case. During the French and Indian War of the 1750’s, each man was issued his own spoon, but not his own plate or silverware. When it was time to eat, each man used his spoon to eat from a common pot. Later on, each man was issued his own mess kit, which he used to eat from. Now we have MRE’s, as well as food in the mess hall.

I also had thought each man selected his spot from the top of the parapet and fired downward. Not so. Men were selected to form three-man teams. The first used the parapet; the other two stood behind him to load the guns. The third man back put in the powder, then the patched ball. The second man primed the gun and handed it to the first man, who fired the gun, then passed it back, and the cycle repeated until the first man was shot. Then someone replaced him and the cycle continued.

Originally, each man made his own clothes, designed to suit his station. Some had insignias, some did not. Lots of things changed, including which side you fought for, much like today. Germany, for instance.

So, things changed, from clothes to sides, and we will probably see the same again.

Stock changes, also

I recently ordered a new stock, which I had to sand and modify to fit a Model 12 Winchester. I have been shooting my father’s old Model 12, with an English stock. It is straight, no pistol grip, and with a leather butt pad. However, it has been filled with 7 ½ shot, to make it heavier. My new stock has a pistol grip and a monte carlo style stock (raised).

I have found, though, that I shoot the old stock better, so I need another Model 12 to fill the need of a new stock.

Wobble trap

Wobble trap is a new trap-shooting game where the shooters stand on a platform and fire 5 shots from each of five parts of the platform. There are two traps beneath the shooters’ feet, and you never know where the two birds are going to fly. One may be left and high; the second may be right and on the ground. It is a very quick-shooting sport, which, for me, is good. The more time to think, the worse it is.

I think it is more fun than skeet and definitely more fun than trap. Try it on Wednesday evenings at Oxford Gun Club. It is comprised of a good group of guys who are willing to help you out.

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