Muzzleloader extraordinary!

I have been muzzleloading ever since we have had a season and have seen lots of changes. Now we are able to use in-line muzzleloaders with scopes in most states. Most of these guns are able to drive a 300 grain bullet along about 2,100 feet per second. Now, however, there is an entirely new game in town.

The gun is called the 700 Ultimate and is capable of driving 300 grain bullet over 3,000 feet per second! That is equal in speed to most centerfires. Couple that with the fact that the bullet is 300 grains and you have a whole new ballgame!

Energy is unbelievable. Unfortunately, so is the recoil. Another plus, however, is that the accuracy is at a whole new level. My friend Wil Hanks showed me his rifle and some of his targets. He had achieved at 300 yards what most of us would like to accomplish at 100.

His load consists of a 275 grain bullet powered by 78 grains of IMR 4198, which is not safe in normal muzzleloaders. His stock is a Bell and Carlson custom; the barrel is a .45 with a 1-in-20 twist.

Fortunately for Wil, he has a place to hunt using this combination. Most of us cannot even shoot at 300 yards, let alone hunt at that range.

Meanwhile, we can sit and envy what he has and hope for the best.

Bow season comes in today!

While we dream of muzzleloader hunts, bow hunting season comes in today, so let’s get out there and do our best. While I was preparing for bow season, I ran into a swarm of yellow jackets. I got stung about 15 times before I could get out. They followed me, of course, and clung to my shirt, stinging as I ran. When I finally got my shirt off, one was left inside and got in one more sting.

Benedryl helps. Unfortunately, it also makes you sleepy. So, inside 20 minutes I was almost asleep.

Wayne’s new alarm clock

When Wayne found that Ken Jr. was successful hunting wild boars, he persuaded Warner to join him. “We might as well take old Buck. He’s a good dog and he just might help us jump a boar.”

To celebrate the event, Warner gave Wayne a new alarm clock, so that they could get up in plenty of time. They set the alarm and settled in the tent for the night. Partway through the night, Wayne had to answer Nature’s call, so he crawled to the edge of the tent.

Buck, of course, had to investigate, so he sniffed where he shouldn’t have, causing Wayne to shriek “Yiiieeah!!” Without thinking, he grabbed his rifle and let go a round, right through the alarm clock, of course.

Pandemonium broke out, to put it mildly. Upon gaining some of his senses, Warner stated “That’s the last alarm clock I buy you!”

Needless to say the alarm worked, once at least, and they were up in plenty of time for the hunt.

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