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Seven-year-old Elven Deng proudly displays his bass that was a prize-winner during Saturday’s tournament, while his sister and John Poe give him a hand.

Bass men, move over!

Bass men, move over! There’s a new rod in town, powered by 7-year-old Elven Deng. Elven, his brother and sister signed up for our annual tournament this past Saturday. That’s Northern Bay Fishing Club, and we had the largest turn-out we have had in years.

Elven caught three or more fish, but he waited until 15 minutes before the tournament ended to make his move. Prior to this, most everybody had caught a couple of fish or more. Brady Buccine even caught a 23-inch channel catfish (that’s a big one) to take over-all big fish, but Elven wasn’t done yet.

His bass ran, shook, rattled and rolled, but Elven brought him in, nonetheless. His fish ran the tape to 17-and-a-half inches, bringing admiration from the whole crowd. John Poe ran the tournament and said it was one of the best fish he had seen come out of the river at our tournaments.

In the 10-to-13 year-old section, Nelson Brewer and Joe Holbrook took the honors. Other winners included: Ethan Saboa, Al Sanders, Landon Bean and Cheyenne Snizer. All took home Walmart gift certificates.

Following the fishing part, we had a picnic, headed by Vivian Aijen and Mandy Poe. Everybody (parents included) had hot dogs, chips, sodas, water, cookies and cake.

Yep, that’s a winner!

Rock season rolls on

Now that June has gotten here, the rules have changed a little. In our area, we can keep two fish between 19 and 28 inches, or one may be over 28 inches. Good luck! The Flats still hold fish. We are hoping for 50-degree water and a topwater bite. There is nothing quite like a topwater explosion as fish and lure combine.

Usually, early and late are the best bites and the best bets. In our area, big fish head here early to spawn, like March and April, then they head down the Bay to turn north and head for cooler waters.

However, the Bay Bridge is a good hold-over, and plenty of fishermen flock to Rock Hall to join others, as they try to get their fish. Last year, Valerie and I had one of the best days of our fishing lives, as we boarded Bayside Girls and caught more fish than we had a right to expect. By 8:00 we had caught our fish and were headed home. Hopefully, things will be the same this year when we go again the latter part of June.

Fishing consists of chumming, or baiting the hook with a piece of bunker and letting it drift to the bottom or until it is picked up by a fish. Last year, my shoulder was plagued with a torn rotator cuff, so Val reeled in most of the fish. This year, I still have a torn rotator cuff, but with less pain than last year, so I hope to equal her expertise.

There’s nothing like a fresh fish dinner! I have always liked rockfish, but it is not my favorite. Walleyes, yellow perch, sea trout, Spanish mackerel (grilled) and blue catfish have taken over as No. 1, depending on which one I have.

So, get out and give it a try! Good luck, may your line be tight!

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