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What's Cookin'?

Summertime is fast coming to a close, way too fast, in fact. So let’s make sure we have in a good party or two, while the weather is still warm.

These parties are going to be centered on the outdoors and what we have had the chance to accumulated from our forays into the woods and waters. For starters, let’s make it crabs, a Maryland highlight that has made its way famous nationally.

No crab feast is complete without corn, so for starters, let’s make up a few dozen ears of fat sweet corn. They can be cooked with the crabs or cooked alone, as long as they are done to perfection. They should be coupled with a few of these recipes or others, according to your taste.

Hot dogs and hamburgers always get the nod, as does potato salad and fresh veggies. Add some deviled eggs and we are on the way.

Next are a few venison dishes, which I hope you have “harvested” during the season. A whole quarter of venison is right at the top and requires the longest cooking time. It’s rather like cooking a quarter of pig. Baste it liberally with Sweet Baby Ray’s and we are on the way.

Another possibility is to take the venison and pull it apart, so it is “pulled venison”, like pulled pork. Make sure it is tender and not dried out. Sandwiches made from this recipe are delicious.

Grind some and make it like burgers. It will be like said burgers, only sweeter and better.

Take some of the venison and make it into lasagna. If you don’t tell the guests, they won’t know that it is made from venison rather than burger.

In order to make sure something new is added to the next picnic, get ready for a dove shoot or an early goose shoot. How do we do that? Let’s head to Oxford Gun Club for an answer.

Practice for quick targets

Skeet is excellent practice to get your reflexes tuned. A round consists of 25 targets. The layout is in a semi-circle. At the left end the high house will throw a target; at the right end, a low-house target will be presented. Several opportunities of pairs will also be thrown.

The key is that the targets will be thrown the same way each time. So let’s get ready for wobble trap.

Wobble trap is the fastest game going. Shooters will stand on a platform graduated from three feet to several feet off the ground. Shooter one will shoot one target, then shooter two will do the same. Next comes the fun part: two targets will be thrown simultaneously from underneath the shooter. Any combination of targets may be thrown, so the shooter must be fast and ready for any target. Shooters who break twenty out of twenty-five should feel pretty good about their shooting.

One of the best things about the wobble trap range (and the skeet range) is that the shooters there do their best to help you out. They make you feel welcome. That’s always pretty special at a shoot. “We usually have about 60 shooters on Wednesdays,” added Skeet President Chip Oliveri. “We have a variety of activities throughout the week, and on Wednesdays we have our famous hot dogs. It’s the most fun night.”

Skeet and wobble trap are shot on Wednesdays, so I hope to see you there.

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