Bohemia Manor junior Rylee Lenz serves during a MPSAA semi-final contest at Harford Community College.

BEL AIR — Bohemia Manor volleyball recently completed its best season in more than 40 years when they reached the MPSSAA Class 1A semi-finals.

While the senior class showed the leadership needed for the team, junior Rylee Lenz had a breakout season key to the Lady Eagles’ success.

Lenz led the team in kills with 208 and added 47 blocks, 196 digs and 69 aces.

The young lady behind those fierce numbers was one of determination and a humble spirit that always celebrated her teammates more than her own spectacular plays.

“She put in a lot of work during the season,” Bohemia Manor coach Sabrina Larmer said. “She is very coachable and humble. Whether it was in the wight room or in practice, any opportunity she can get to get better. She just goes out to do her job it takes a lot to get her celebrating, but when she gets a kill she is always there to thank the passer and the setter.”

Lenz continues to keep a mindset of team first and it has been her leadership that was key to a playoff run not seen at Bohemia Manor in decades.

“When we score, it is the pass the setter gave me,” Lenz said. “When we score a point, it is because of the dig that we got that point.”

The 6-1 Lenz had such power and finesse striking the ball throughout 2021 that it appeared to come with ease yet the hard work throughout the year was evident to those behind the scenes.

Lenz plays on the travel team Masters Volleyball Academy and on the national circuit with Larmer and her fiancee, Matt Marion, coaching that team. Lady Eagle teammates Margaret McGlothlin and Julia Holmes join Lenz on the national U18 team and the group has been playing together since their U14 days which has created a special bond.

“It has made us real close,” Lenz said. “And we have a bond that allows us to play better, because we can be straight forward with each other and we are best friends off the court.”

Larmer said it is easy to see the trio has come together in recent years to make a fearsome tandem on the court but also mature together on and off the court.

“With Riley, just her volleyball IQ is very high from the years of hard work and playing together builds that knowledge. They have all been playing together a while now and you see the chemistry together and their ability to work out issues and this year they would ask what to do and I would say ‘you can figure it out, talk it out.’ They have grown so much and it makes my job a lot easier.”

Lenz and the Lady Eagles finished the season 17-3 and will take with them the memories and friendships for a lifetime.

“At practice, we didn’t take anything for granted,” Lenz said. “We always set our nose to the grindstone and eve when we got down a set, we knew we could pick it up and get back to where we wanted to be. I am proud of our team and everyone.”

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