Bohemia Manor

CHESAPEAKE CITY — Bohemia Manor found a combination of players that started to run the offense more effectively late in the second quarter of its Susquehanna Division girls’ basketball contest against Rising Sun Thursday night.

After that group scored the last four points of the second quarter, Eagles coach Sean Lenz brought them out for the third quarter. They continued to play well as they outscored the visiting Tigers by six points in the frame to pull away for a 50-41 victory.

“We found a group in the second quarter that was working well together. They came back out and started the third quarter, and they actually executed what we wanted them to execute. It’s hit and miss. We start to see glimpses,” Lenz said. “Them understanding and running the offense correctly. We saw that at North East the other night. They did a good job in the third quarter executing the offense we called.”

Bo Manor led 20-16 in the final minute of the second quarter when Julia Walz and Katie O’Hare hit back-to-back field goals to make it 24-16 at halftime. The Eagles began the third quarter on a 12-4 run to increase its lead to 36-20, which was powered by Raegan Lenz’s points during that stretch.

The Eagles lead was whittled down slightly to 38-24 by the end of the third quarter.

The strong finish to the second quarter and their play in the third quarter shows the improvement they have had on offense.

“Honestly, it’s not even this game itself, but it’s about the team improving a lot as a team. A lot of girls have been going out there and doing their roles,” Hailee Fields, who had a game-high 25 points, said. “We were moving the ball. I can tell you right now that we were moving the ball a lot, getting open looks. The girls have been doing really well with that.”

Bo Manor increased its lead to 23 points at 48-25 with five minutes remaining in the fourth thanks to a 10-1 run to start the quarter. Even though Rising Sun finished the game on a 16-2 run, the Eagles’ strong play beforehand had put the game out of reach.

The way Bo Manor’s offense played from the end of the second quarter to the midway point of the fourth quarter shows how far it has come along since the start of the season.

“We were a nightmare, an absolute nightmare, on offense to start the season. We have a lot of young kids, and it was a new offense for the kids who are returning. It takes a while,” Lenz said, “They have to feel each other out, trust each other, know where they are going to be on the floor and trust that their teammate is going to be there, and we’re starting to do it at the right time.”

Raegan Lenz finished with 12 points for the Eagles while Mallory Stamper paced the Tigers with 17 points.

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