It was a special day for those who love archery in Cecil County. The first archery event for junior high and high school competitors in the state of Maryland since the COVID-19 pandemic set in was held at Bohemia Manor on Saturday with over 200 entering the Bayside Battle.To top it all off, Bohemia Manor took first-place in total scoring for high school competition.

The Eagles were led by Ella Delaney, Nina Palazzolo, Armani Champions and Audrey Pack.

Delaney led the way with a total score of 283. Palazzolo scored 281 while Shampnois and Pack both marked 271. However, Shampnois took third over Pack due to hitting more bullseyes over the course of the competition.

Other standouts for Bohemia Manor include Wyatt Short (279), Collin Abolt (269), Janine Pack (265), Evan Wilson (262), Ella Baldwin (258), Blake Holcomb (256), Emma Duff (256), and Lilliana Ball (251).

“It was very exciting being able to put on this event after having our season cancelled last tsar and half of our season 2 years ago,” Bohemia Manor coach Michael Smith said. “We had archers from two states (Maryland and Virginia). Our program has found success in an early amount of time being a team.

All sports, including archery, had events cancelled last school year and Smith hoped the sport continues to grow in Cecil County

“I’d like to see the sport grow in Cecil County,” Smith said. “We have had some friendlies with Perryville and North East. There has been some interest and we look forward to expanding around the county. I would like to give credit to our board of education and Mark and Ilene Woody who petitioned aggressively to bring the program in.”

Maryland Archery Coordinator Lou Compton was present for the event and came away quite impressed with the first archery event for the young age group to be held in the area.

“This was a great event,” Compton said. “Coach Smith has done a great job building this program. This is our first live tournament in Maryland since covid shut us down so this is pretty special.”

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