Lexi Bunk, Elkton — Lexi Bunk was instrumental to the EHS women’s lacrosse team success this season. She led the team in goals and assists with 60 goals and 48 assists. Also helped with the team draw control average of 8.4 draw wins each game. Earned her 100th career goal this season. Lexi was often pulled up to the draw circle during the season and was one of the key players to the teams success at winning the draw.

Sydnie DePaul, Bohemia Manor — 5 goals

Alyssa Mooney, North East — Mooney led North East in scoring. Had season’s highest scoring percentage.

Ava Muscella, Perryville — Recorded 6 goals, 3 assists, 3 interceptions and 8 ground balls against Chesapeake Division competition. Muscella was the behind the goal attack player who set up plays. Would pressure the goalie in transition situations to force turnovers.


Landen Cain, The Tome School — Elected team captain for Tome’s first year varsity program. Also named C.A.L.L. First Team All-League. Extremely smart and athletic lacrosse player. The team “sparkplug.” Fantastic game IQ and situational awareness. Plays the game at full speed at all times and truly enjoys all facets of the game — shooting, defending, feeding and is especially tenacious on ground balls and draw control at the circle. 45 goals, 20 assist, 123 draw controls, 86 ground balls, 20 interceptions.

AnnMarie Davenport, Elkton — 28 goals, 16 assists, helped the team maintain a draw control average of 8.4 draw wins each game.

Ciara Hopkins, Elkton — 18 goals, 9 assists, helped with the team draw control average of 8.4 draw wins each game.

Sarah Murrell, Perryville — Recorded 37 goals and 4 assists as a freshman. Playing in the Chesapeake Division, Murrell was nominated to the UCBAC 1st Team. Her draw control was 45% against division opponents CMW, Bel Air, North Harford, Harford Tech and Patterson Mill.

Emily Stuart, Rising Sun — Stuart was a game changer in each game. She was a threat on all positions of the field, especially the draw. She played extremely hard every game, even pushing through her injury. She was a consistent scorer all season and her hustle was unmatched


Kelsey Caldarelli, Elkton — Caldarelli was essential in running the team’s defense. Averaged roughly 4 forced turnovers per game.

Payton Hardy, Elkton — Alongside Caldarelli, Hardy was essential to Elkton’s defense being successful and transitioning the ball from defense to offense. Helped with the team ground ball average of 15.4 ground balls per game.

Americus Lane, Rising Sun — Lane was a consistent and aggressive defender. She leads the defense through her communication and tenacity. She was always there to win 50/50s and slow down the fast break. She kept the defensive end together and played three times her size. Lane’s leadership helped make Rising Sun’s defense great.

Brooke Murrell, Perryville — 20 goals, 4 assist, 11 draw wins, 4 interceptions, 23 ground balls. Murrell was a strong transition player who carried the ball from defense to attack.


Abbi Guarneri, Elkton — 110 saves, 8.4 saves per game.


Natalie Crenshaw, Elkton

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