Cecil County Public Schools

ELKTON — Police have determined that an Elkton High School student’s social media post that contained a photo of a gun and the words “don’t come to school tomorrow” does not pose a threat to the school and was just a prank gone wrong.

The Elkton Police Department began receiving calls about the social media post from students and parents at about 8:54 p.m. Monday, said Capt. Joseph Zurolo, an EPD spokesman. The police department was able to quickly track down the post and determined that it was written by an EHS student. Police officers then visited the student’s residence and were able to talk to the student and parents, he said.

“We took appropriate measures and action at that time to make sure there was no credible threat to Elkton High School and we determined that there was not,” Zurolo said. “This is what we would refer to as a prank.”

A search of the house determined that there were no firearms inside and police later determined that the student had gotten the photo of the gun off the internet, Zurolo said.

No criminal charges have been filed against the student, but Zurolo said other action would be taken, though he declined to go into specifics because the student involved is a juvenile.

Kelly Keeton, a Cecil County Public Schools spokeswoman, said that EHS Principal John Roush called parents Tuesday morning after the start of the school day to notify them of the situation and that a letter to parents also went home with students Tuesday afternoon.

In his letter, Rousch wrote that although the threat was deemed not credible, EPD did have an additional presence at the school Tuesday.

“Situations of this nature are taken very seriously by both the school system and law enforcement,” he wrote. “This situation serves as a reminder that information such as this should always be reported immediately to school officials or law enforcement. In this case, the open lines of communication that exist between students, parents, school administrators, and law enforcement allowed us to swiftly and thoroughly investigate this particular matter with the Elkton Police Department.”

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