ELKTON — Cecil County Public Schools unveiled its new logo, designed by North East High School student Madison Ewing, at the Cecil County Board of Education meeting on June 10.

The new logo for CCPS highlights students’ journey through the school system, according to Superintendent Jeff Lawson.

CCPS has been represented by its blue-green-and-black logo featuring a child maturing to a high school graduate for nearly 20 years since the design was last updated around 2000.

But in February, school officials decided it was time for an update and called upon CCPS middle and high school students to submit their own logo design ideas for consideration.

When the school system initially posted its call for logo submissions, CCPS spokeswoman Kelly Keeton said they wanted to highlight student input in the design process.

“Students are at the center of everything that we do and the coordination team thought it was important that student voice be a part of the logo redesign process,” Keeton told the Whig in February.

Of the more than 40 designs that were submitted, the strategic plan coordination team selected three finalists. Community members then voted for their favorite design and ultimately selected Ewing’s logo design.

“Through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, we had nearly 4,000 people vote for the contest which is really cool,” Lawson said at the logo’s unveiling.

The new logo features “Cecil County Public Schools” written in an arc over a circular design split into four quadrants. Each quarter includes a silhouette of a different facet of the CCPS community: a student wearing a graduation cap, three birds in flight representing local wildlife, the Maryland state flag, and a globe.

Lawson said school officials still aren’t sure whether the birds are geese or ducks. “Whatever works for us,” he said of the fowl that also appear on the county’s flag.

“I’m thinking it’s two ducks and one goose,” Board President William Malesh said.

Lawson said Ewing is representative of the many talented students in the CCPS system.

“She just has this infectious smile,” he said. “You can tell she’s a kind soul.”

According to Lawson, Ewing is planning to become an art teacher — and she’s equipped with all the characteristics for the job.

“Madison is a talented artist who completes all of her projects with creativity and flair,” Lawson said. “She is amazing, motivated, curious and a mature student. She’s kind and caring to the needs of others, so she will be a perfect teacher.”

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