A foursome from Rising Sun, MD are the winners of the ‘Largest Crab Contest’ at the Assault on Patcong Creek Crabbing Tournament and Barbecue – the nation’s largest crabbing tournament – held annually in Somers Point, NJ.

RISING SUN — Four good folks from Rising Sun were recently crowned winners of the Largest Crab Contest at the nation’s largest crabbing tournament, the Assault on Patcong Creek, which is held annually in Somers Point, NJ.

With 335 crabbers hailing from 14 states catching hundreds of bushels of crabs during the two-day tournament, the Cecil County-based team of Charles Bruff, Nathan Rice, Paul Kenzejewski and Donna Weber-Mitzel of landed the largest winning crab, which measured 6-7/8” from point-to-point.

This is the first time in the tournament’s ten-year history that crabbers from Maryland have triumphed and won the tournament.

“We are thrilled with the tournament turnout this year and happy to see winners from Maryland earn this recognition for the first time. Year after year we are able to attract more and more crabbers from all over the country,” said tournament founder Ron Meischker.

On June 22, crabbers descended on the New Jersey waters of Patcong Creek, Great Egg Harbor Bay, Great Egg Harbor River, Middle River, Tuckahoe River, Tuckahoe-Corbin City Fish and Wildlife Management Areas, Peck Bay, Steelman Bay and Scull Bay, hoping to make the big catch of the day.

With bushel baskets and crabbing traps in hand, participating teams launched their vessels onto the water in search of rich crab habitats. Teams included long-time friends, husbands and wives, father-daughter and father-son duos.

Next year’s Assault on Patcong Creek is scheduled for June 26-27, 2020.

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