ELKTON — A woman is facing an attempted murder charge after she allegedly opened fire on a man at their Elkton residence on Tuesday night – wounding him in the leg after one of the bullets narrowly missed his head, according to Cecil County District Court records.

Investigators identified the suspect as Ishina T. Robinson-McCoy, 30, of the unit block of Huntsman Drive.

Police said the only people at the residence when the incident occurred were Robinson-McCoy, the man who suffered the gunshot wound to his leg and a second woman.

The second woman told investigators that she was at that residence “to participate in a threesome” and that, throughout the evening, Robinson-McCoy grew “increasingly upset and began to physically attack” the man – hitting him with her hands and a stroller, police added.

Court records indicate that Elkton Police Department officers had gone to that Huntsman Drive residence two other times that night in response to reports of “domestic-related incidents,” before returning there a third time for the shooting.

EPD officers left the residence on the first occasion after Robinson-McCoy explained that she had suffered injuries to her face, which were noticeable, when she slipped upon ice cubes on the kitchen floor and fell – an account also given by the man and the second woman, court records show.

“While in the residence, police noted small pools of water on the kitchen floor that was consistent with melted ice cubes. Police further noted blood on the floor of the kitchen and adjacent bathroom that could be consistent with a fall,” according to court records.

EPD officers made a second trip to that Huntsman Drive residence on Tuesday night because the man reported that Robinson-McCoy had hit him in the back with a stroller, although investigators were unable to find marks on him or other evidence to support his claim, police reported.

“On the two prior calls for service, both (Robinson-McCoy) and (the man) demanded that police exit the home and demanded a search warrant for police to remain on the scene,” court records show.

While handling the three calls at that residence on Tuesday night, officers and investigators detected the smell of alcohol coming from Robinson-McCoy, the man and the second woman and observed bottles of alcohol inside the dwelling, police said.

In addition, police added, EPD officers and investigators believed that Robinson-McCoy, the man and the second woman were “under the influence of some type of substance.”

After arriving at the scene in response to the shooting call, marking their third trip there that night, EPD officers found the man in the front yard of the Huntsman Drive residence, police reported. He was complaining about a gunshot wound to the back of leg, police said, adding that paramedics immediately provided him medical treatment at the scene.

The wounded man told investigators that he and Robinson-McCoy had been arguing throughout the night, court records show. After the second woman had fallen asleep on the couch, Robinson-McCoy went upstairs and then returned to the first floor moments later, when she told the man, “I’ve got something for you,” according to charging documents.

“(The man) said he was standing in the living room, facing the rear of the residence, when (Robinson-McCoy) fired a shot toward his head. (The man) said the shot just missed his head and he felt the force of the bullet (because) it was so close,” court records allege.

At that point, according the man’s version, Robinson-McCoy pointed the gun at his chest, police said. The man told investigators that he then hurled a frying pan at Robinson-McCoy, creating a distraction that allowed him to flee from her, police added.

As the man was running out of the residence, he felt a “pinch” and realized that he had been shot in the back of his leg, according to court records, which further indicate that he remained in the front yard until officers arrived.

EPD investigators found damage to drywall inside the residence that was “consistent with a bullet hole,” court records allege.

The second woman told EPD detectives that Robinson-McCoy and the man had been arguing during the night, police said. After she had fallen asleep on a couch, police added, the second woman was awakened by “the sound of a gunshot.”

“She saw (Robinson-McCoy) coming in from the rear of the residence,” according to court records, which also indicate that the second woman suggested to EPD investigators that Robinson-McCoy had hidden the gun somewhere outside the residence.

While searching the premises, EPD officers found a gun inside an outdoor trash can, police said. EPD investigators believe that that recovered gun is the weapon that Robinson-McCoy allegedly used to shoot the man, police added.

Investigators arrested Robinson-McCoy at the scene, police reported.

Robinson-McCoy is charged with attempted first-degree murder, which is punishable by up to life in prison, and attempted second-degree murder, also a felony, one that carries a maximum 30-year sentence, according to court records.

In addition, Robinson-McCoy is charged with first-degree assault, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony or crime of violence and second-degree assault, court records show.

Robinson-McCoy remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond on Thursday, one day after her bail review hearing, according to court records.

She is scheduled for a May 5 preliminary hearing, court records show.

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