May 31, 1935

The wedding day of Mabel Strahorn and Calvin McCleary dawned at last, only to bring rain. Calvin arrived at home about 10 o’clock A.M. bringing sunshine with him. We soon said our adieus and left for the Clerk of the Court’s office. Everyone was standing at the front door. Mrs. Frank Karl was at her door, also. I felt very conspicuous, all dressed up; Calvin looked well in his grey suit.

When we got down town, we could find no good parking place. After driving around for a few minutes we stopped at the Court House steps. We quickly got to the door of the memorable building. Mr. Deibert, the clerk, said he had to look at us twice before he recognized me. Mr. Crothers issued our license.

It really was a trial. As soon as it was over, out we went, and were we in a hurry. We drove to Dr. Morgan’s, parked the car on Locust Lane, and in we went.

Mr. Morgan was surprised to see me. He said he expected it, but not quite so soon. Anyhow, he performed the ring ceremony. We picked out “Our Marriage Vow” booklet. We were husband and wife in no time. The ceremony was longer than I thought it would be. It all happened at quarter of eleven (10:45). Then we started for Atlantic City.

Our car was taken into the hotel garage and we went into the hotel following a bell boy. It was a different occurrence from every day affairs – the registering, I mean. Then up the elevator we were whisked to our room. It was very nice, also, with a bath. After the maid, made up the bed, we rested for a while.

My but it seemed fantastic to realize, if that is possible, that were married, but we certainly were happy.

Later we went out to walk up and down the boardwalk. We got a little something to eat. Then we bought some post cards and sent them back home to our friends, relatives, and families. I got several small gifts, too, some linen work, etc.

The happy day soon passed and we went back to our rooms. It seemed very noisy, and we slept little. Calvin wakened early, as was his usual habit.

Saturday, June 1, dawned a lovely day. If we’d waited for one more day, I’d have been a June bride. Anyhow, it was thrilling the way it was.

We fooled around in stores, 10 cent stores especially, ate, and looked all morning. The flower mart enticed us there for a while. The only thing that marred my pleasure was 3 lovely blisters on my feet. So on we went.

After a lunch of frankfurters and 2 orangeades, each, mind you, we went to the steel pier. Several Hawaiians were playing lovely music there. They were in an enclosure. Their surroundings were all native like.

The largest sea elephant in the world attracted my attention. My! But it was a tough old monster. The elephant made a terrible noise.

We missed the water circus. The two movies which we saw were “The Little Minister,” starring Katherine Hepburn and Will Rogers in “Doubting Thomas.” They were both shown in marvelous theaters.

When we went outside again, “The Sailboat” was ready for another ocean trip. We went out on it in the ocean about 6 or 7 miles and the visibility was extraordinary as the water was so blue and calm. The musicians sang “The Man on the Flying Trapeze” for which I asked for Calvin. It was over all too soon. We got a picture of the boatload of us, just before we sailed. Now I have been on the ocean and in the air. Late in the evening, as it was getting cold and I had no coat, we came out and walked back to our hotel. Thus another joyful day was ended.

Sunday morning we had 2 walking pictures taken of us. We walked on the boardwalk more, and I nearly gave out. We took some snapshots with our camera. We had a good breakfast and walked some more. After lunch we prepared to leave.

We checked out about three o’clock in the afternoon. The only souvenirs I got was a paper cup & two cakes of Ivory soap.

We got our pictures after that & we liked them very much.

We got lunch in Wilm. Del. On our way home, and got home in Elkton about 7:00 P.M. Everyone was glad to see us and we were glad to be back even though we enjoyed our trip as much as we did.

All happy days must come to an end, but we still have many more to look forward to.

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