This image, provided from the Cecil Whig archives, was taken in Cecil County. Do you recognize the person or scene pictured? Let us know at

The Whig received two replies to last week’s photo.

This photo is of the airplane spotters post during World War II, which was responsible for spotting airplanes and noting height, direction and number of engines and then calling in the information by phone. Front row, left to right, is Stewart Demond, Jimmie Miller, my mother Ella Levredge, Otis Sapp, Gene “Stinky” Meekins, and Gifford Biles. The back row, left to right, is Bo Matthews, Mrs. Charles Gibson, Dorothy Armour, Janice Demond, and Mr. Matthews. I’m not sure who is pinning a medallion on Mabel Demond. Initially the spotters’ post was held in the home of my parents, Ralph and Ella Levredge, and was then moved to this location in North East.

— Fay Weaver, North East

These are some of the plane spotters at the post. My brother, Pup Taylor, and I were spotters the whole time. We are not pictured here, but I remember we had to wear our armbands. I know most of the people, but in the front row is S. Demond, J. Miller, unsure, O. Sapp, S. Meekins, Giff Biles, and Mr. Demond. We had to call and report any planes and give info on them.

— Joyce Taylor Boland

(Answer: Looks like our respondents covered this one fairly thoroughly.)

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