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Future generations will look back on what we are doing now and learn from what we are experiencing. It is important for us to record the history that is happening right now. The Historical Society of Cecil County invites all of our members and friends to submit their stories regarding life during the pandemic to us. Our goal is to share some of these stories in our newsletter, on our website and to save all of them in our archives for the future as a historical record. We want to include first-hand accounts of life during this moment in history. Stories and photos are all welcomed. Please send by August 29, 2020. Send them to

Every story is important. We are seeking contributions from individuals and organizations from all walks of life, different backgrounds and cultures. Perspectives from a retired couple or school-aged child are just as important as those from front-line health care workers.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Include your personal reactions to the following types of situations:

• Working from home

• Changes to your routine tasks, such as grocery shopping

• The news media reports

• Your own illness or that of a family member

Include what you have been doing to pass the time at home:

• What did you do to stay in good spirits while in quarantine?

• What is your favorite music, movie or television program to stream during a pandemic?

• How did you interact with others without putting them or yourself at risk?

• If you have chosen to ignore the guidelines, what is that like?

Include thoughts about other specific situations during the pandemic:

• What have you struggled with during quarantine?

• If you are a medical care worker, what is it like?

• If you own or manage a business, how did the pandemic impact you?

• If you had to continue working on-site at your job, what changes did you have to make to your workday?

• If you became unemployed, how are you dealing with it?

• How was the pandemic presented to your children?

• How did your children react to being out of school?

We hope all will be safe, keep your distance, wash your hands, and help us record our history. Be well.

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