Hotel Cecil

A circa 1918 postcard of the Hotel Cecil on Main Street in North East.

Q: Did the women’s suffrage army visit North East?

— Emily Tiberi

A: When General Rosalie G. Jones and her suffrage army pushed into North East, the party of about 40 women settled in for about an hour of rest and lunch at the Hotel Cecil on Main Street in North East. From the porch of the establishment, Martha Klatschen and Elizabeth Freeman made speeches, which were frequently interrupted by applause. About half the town turned out to see this band of marchers with their fine hats and yellow roses and business was at a standstill during the visit, the town newspaper, the Cecil Star, observed. After the brief stay in the town at the top of the Chesapeake the suffragists continued their march to Washington, D.C. The town newspaper remarked that if this “little band of women walkers could create so much excitement, interest, and enthusiasm, what would happen in political circles when that number of women was multiplied by several million, once they got the vote.” That was the question on the minds of politicians too, as the activists descended on Washington, D.C. for a massive march as they pushed for votes for women.

— Mike Dixon

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