Do you have any information on the old Kenmore High School?

— Debby Plummer, West Chester, Pa.

The northeastern area of Cecil County needed a modern high school to relieve overcrowding at Elkton High and supplement the small one-room primary schools in the area, as the 1920s got underway. With the Cecil County Board of Education developing plans for a facility, the nearby Kenmore Papermill donated land at the corner of Providence and Singerly roads. The company mule barns had been located on this parcel, as mules were used to haul pulp from Elkton to Providence. With plans coming together 200 residents petitioned the Board of Education to change the name to Kenmore School since the company donated the land. In March 1924, the Board officially named it Kenmore High School, the Cecil Democrat reported and the contract for the structure was awarded to H. Clay Phillips & Son of Middletown, Del. The school opened in February 1925, and the first class of seniors graduated in June 1925. The commencement was held at the Rock Presbyterian Church. Hazel Emma Ott gave the salutatory, Anna Menagh Castner read an essay and Corrine Alphonza Patchell gave the valedictory. The Rev John P. Otis gave the address to the seven graduates, their families, and guest. They were: Corrine Alphonza Patchell, John Emory Mackey, Helen Beatrice Patchell, Hazel Emma Ott, Anna Mary Stewart, Anna Menagh Castner, and Sara Elizabeth Hatahway were the graduates. In 1939, Kenmore enrollment was changed to include pupils in first through 11th grades. An addition to the Kenmore School was constructed beginning May 11, 1954, and was opened in January 1955. This new addition was dedicated on March 27, 1955. In 1958, the name of the school was changed to Kenmore Elementary School for first through sixth grades, as the upper grades started attending Elkton High School.

— Mike Dixon

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