The England family has a long history here in Cecil County. Prominent landowners through many generations, several of the houses these colonial residents built are still extant in and around Calvert. One of these houses, “a substantial brick home,” was built by Samuel England on land he inhe…


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This timely repost first appeared in the Cecil Whig in 2017. As the historical society is closed, a new story couldn’t be researched for this week. We will reopen as soon as possible.

In the early 1960s, a large crane fell into Conowingo Lake when some construction work was being done. Do you have any information on that?

PORT DEPOSIT — The historic strong disdain of taxes by Cecil Countians is oft exhibited on another page of this equally historic publication – usually in the Letters to the Editors.

NORTH EAST – Mark Mortenson, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Clene Nanomedicine in North East, Md., was among 11 individuals honored by the Northeastern Maryland Technology Council (NMTC) at the Ninth Annual Visionary Awards banquet on Thursday, Feb. 27, in the Richlin Ballroom in…

Pest control is not usually an interesting topic but it is one of importance and necessity. While most people would rather not see them harmed their proximity to us is dangerous. However, while I have heard and seen most of the common types of rat trap I have never before come across the bar…

RISING SUN — The first ship named for the state of Maine is best known for the tragedy that touched off a war and resulted in a horrific loss of lives. Commissioned in 1895, the USS Maine was originally classified as an armored cruiser she was, sadly, already out of date by the time she ente…

The following article appeared in the “Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County” on October 19, 1964. It is interesting to note how many of these names have been lost to time, and how many remain. As Cecil County grew, established towns subsumed smaller surrounding villages. Take a…

Congratulations to the newlyweds! On February 29, at Good Shepherd Catholic Church, in Perryville, Dr. Katelyn E. Wray and Mr. Vincent M. Kalwa were wed.

Q: Do you have any information on when the Sheriff’s Office started using police cars for law enforcement?

Leap Day birthdays come with feelings only leaplings can describe. The excitement, the frustration, the humor — who would guess a birthday could be such an emotional roller coaster?

ELKTON — Each week, we take a look back in time to examine what was on the minds of Cecil County readers. Rotating through the Whig’s 178-year history, we hope to not only provide direct text from our archives, but also context as to why the issue was important at the time.

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