This year, Oct. 4-10 marks the 80th observance of National Newspaper Week, sponsored by the Newspaper Managers Association. Each year we take the opportunity to remind the community of the important role local newspapers play and to thank you all for your continued support.

The 2020 National Newspaper Week theme is “America Needs Journalists.” That filters from coverage of international and national stories right down to the events happening on Main Street. From the halls of Congress to town hall just around the corner, the community relies on journalists to cover what our leaders are doing.

In an opinion piece for National Newspaper Week, David Chavern, president and CEO of News Media Alliance, wrote about how without the work of dedicated journalists, “many of the biggest stories of the past decade — at the global, national and local levels — would have gone untold.”

“Local journalists are the reason we have the information we need to make decisions about our lives and our leaders. Without their passionate dedication to newsgathering and superb storytelling, we would understand so little of the world around us,” Chavern wrote.

Here at the Kent County News, we strive to serve our community by bringing readers the top local stories of the day. Our dedicated team also looks at state and national issues and reports on how they could affect the community here.

Beyond that, we also tell stories about our friends and neighbors in the community doing good, about new businesses opening up and about our talented students and athletes.

So many of these story ideas come from readers. Please keep sending us your stories. Call us. Email us. We are happy to hear from you.

Journalism is a service and our entire team is passionate about ensuring readers have the best, most up-to-date information available. We may print weekly, but we are updating our websites and every day. We also use social media to help push out important alerts.

Newspapers have found themselves in the headlines over the last decade or so as they have faced financial hardships and — in far, far too many cases — closures. That situation has been compounded this year by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Kent County News and our fellow publications under the APG Media of Chesapeake banner continue to serve our communities. We thank our readers and advertisers for continuing to support us and the work we do to keep the community informed.

Tom Silvestri is a former president and publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch of Virginia. Now executive director of the Relevance Project, an effort that advocates for local newspapers, Silvestri penned a column for National Newspaper Week urging Americans to “vote” for their local publications by subscribing, by advertising and by engaging with frequent website visits, sending letters to the editor, liking social media posts and reaching out reporters and editors.

“While the United States is riveted by a most unusual presidential election, the newspaper industry is running to win the hearts, minds and souls of ‘voters.’ These voters are readers, residents, subscribers, students, advertisers, marketers, sponsors and newspaper employees,” Silvestri wrote. “This campaign to elect newspapers is winnable, but much is at stake.”

A vote for the Kent County News is a vote for an award-winning team serving our local community. As this year’s National Newspaper Week reminds us that “America Needs Journalists,” so too do the small towns and communities of the Eastern Shore.

Thank you for continuing to support us as we to continue serving you.

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