On 9/24/21 the Cyber Ninjas audit report concluded that the audit of Maricopa County AZ ballots matched almost exactly the original Board of Elections tally. Purported irregularities were aptly responded to by election officials. The next day former president Trump declared, "We won at the Arizona forensic audit yesterday at a level that you wouldn't believe!" That same day Texas governor Greg Abbott ceded to Mr. Trump’s demand that Texas conduct a 2020 Election audit.

Faced with this redoubled assault on our nation’s electoral system, I cannot remain silent.

Prior to the opportunity to serve as an election judge, I had a naive faith in the integrity of our election process. After training and serving as an election judge, my trust in our electoral system has increased exponentially. At every turn I witnessed in real time multiple levels of security that are rigorously adhered to in order to assure the legitimacy of the results.

Space prohibits a full accounting of measures that protect each citizen’s vote. I offer some basic observations I hope will be reassuring. First, every polling place is assigned two chief election judges – from opposing parties. Second, the other poll workers (also called election judges) at each site are assigned so as to create a balance between political parties. Third, multi-faceted protocols are in place at every polling site to protect the chain of custody of citizens’ ballots, whether mail-in, in-person or drop-box.

I was bowled over upon observing the multiple seals protecting access to everything from scanners to pollbooks to boxes of blank ballots that insure against tampering of ballots. The removal and replacement of these seals, permitted only under direct supervision of two opposite-party election judges, must be recorded and originals retained. I cannot overstate the redundancies that are built into the electoral system for the protection of your vote. Our local Department of Elections would be happy to provide additional details.

Clearly some level of human error is unavoidable in our polling process, and documented instances of scattered attempts to fraudulently skew the vote also exist. Nonetheless, carefully-observed safeguards built into the electoral procedures in every precinct in our nation make it literally impossible to introduce massive numbers of ballots from outside the electoral system. If every citizen could witness the actual process up close, there would be no one left to be deceived by our former president’s tragic and dangerous assertions of fraud.

Doris V Obenshain

Cecilton, MD 

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