I am from Troop 443, I am 13 years old and I would like to bring up a big topic about chemical pollution.

In U.S. history people have been dumping chemicals into waterways in all the states. In their time it was not really a big deal because it was not changing the environment fast. Recently, there has been more evidence suggesting that over time chemicals can take a big toll on the environment and people too.

The documentary, "The Devil We Know," was about the chemical companies dumping the chemical, C8, in waterways and the effects it had on the animals and people in the surrounding area. It started in the U.S. with DuPont. The chemical quickly spread around the world and now it can be found in more than 90% of the blood of animals and people in the whole world. It has been proven to cause cancer and other deadly medical conditions.

When the EPA learned about the dangerous chemical, DuPont influenced them in terms of what to share with the public, telling us it was safe. Maryland waterways and drinking water could also be contaminated by this and other dangerous chemicals. Also near where I live there is a SuperFund site which I learned they are trying to fix their mistakes but is that enough to stop it from happening again in the future?

I would like to spread my word of Chemical pollutants around Cecil County and I want everyone to throw trash away and not litter.

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