Democratic candidate Jeff Kase for Cecil County Executive in 2020 is the smart choice for responsible leadership for Cecil County. Jeff has been a resident of Cecil County for 14 years and has served on the Democratic Central Committee for the past two years. He is an electrical engineer by profession. The driving force behind his engagement in the political arena has been his personal commitment to healing the divisiveness in our nation, by beginning at the local level. “It doesn’t have to be tribal,” he states.

Jeff sees the potential of Cecil County as a mid-Atlantic commercial hub and is looking to attract more small businesses as well as hi-tech companies to the area. He has consulted with Cecil business leaders and will continue to rely on their collective wisdom. Ensuring high quality public education, expanding rural broadband, and offering attractive recreational opportunities are critical pieces of his plan. He also recognizes local farmers as valuable contributors to our economy and our well-being and will work to preserve their interests.

Jeff will bring his problem-solving skills to the task of managing an expected $12 million loss in income tax receipts this year due to Covid-19. Unlike his opponent, who unrealistically promises tax cuts, he faces our current fiscal crisis with clear eyes. Committed to not raising taxes, he will work with department heads toward greater efficiency in government while preserving essential services: education, critical infrastructure and first responders. He shares the deep concern of Cecil County citizens regarding the opioid crisis and will commit County resources to addressing root causes of the problem.

Jeff Kase will lead Cecil County through our current fiscal crisis and into a brighter future by bringing together all citizens of every persuasion to contribute their ideas and talents. His vision for Cecil County is that we will respect and defend the rights of every citizen and promote the well-being of all through sound government and soliciting citizen input. Vote Jeff Kase on your ballot.

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