Thank you Cecil Whig for printing interviews with the two candidates for County Executive. The contrast between the candidates could not be more stark.

I was struck with Danielle Hornberger’s interview and her lack of articulate thought, glib answers, and that her budget fix is to cut jobs during a pandemic and the largest level of unemployment in decades. Her lack of relevant job experience was also striking.

Jeff Kase, however, came across as thoughtful, intelligent, and someone with a solid plan for the county. He has professional experience managing large projects and large budgets. The contrast was quite remarkable actually.

We have a lot of experience these days with rookie politicians getting in over their heads. County Executive is not an entry level job. Being married to a State Delegate does not qualify as the experience needed to be the CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise. Nor does working as a substitute teacher, or a volunteer for a professional politician. Danielle Hornberger’s prime qualification appears to be that she knows how to make unsettling promises, as evidenced by her negative primary campaign. And can we trust her to file State and Federal forms and reports correctly and on time? She has demonstrated no relevant experience, education, or the character necessary for running our county.

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