One of the mob on hand at the Capitol on January 6th confidently spouted “There’s such a thing as the Insurrection Act!” He must have decided its title alone gave him the right to overthrow congress.

The insurrection Act of 1807 10, (10 U.S.C., subsection 254) allows calling in troops to put down an insurrection, provided official proclamation ordering rioters to disperse happens, before sending law enforcement or the military to put down a siege.

Leftwing me ‘listens’, as Andy Harris says in print that his actions were legal and that overturning the vote was not their objective, only examination of electoral procedure in “certain states.” Which states, Andy?” I am not in favor of retribution against you and the others, just because your actions annoyed me. But, why were you not satisfied when several courts could not find proof of your allegation? I wish your comments to “The Whig” had been more specific.

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