I want to give the public something to consider when speaking about previous ethics boards. I would urge the public to read the article about a recent lawsuit against the County Government and officials regarding intentional violations of constitutional rights located at the website “Cecil County dot News. “Remember that is Cecil County dot news, not dot com.

The ethics board attorney Jason Allison who grossly and intentionally violated constituents constitutional rights and Council President Bob Meffley who did nothing to correct this issue and actually ignored it, are just some of the people named in the lawsuit. These folks and some of the current council who’s campaigns were all fostered by the crooked Cecil Business Leaders PAC that McCarthy founded, has the nerve to say that any of the ethics committee members should stay on the current ethics committee is a joke. Please note I have sent legitimate things to the ethics board only for them to turn a blind eye or give an “exception” to the CBL elected members or refuse to take action up it. In the meantime, they take up complaints against political rivals and non CBL PAC officials (all within the same political party). One would think both Democrat and Republicans can agree on a better ethics board. There is absolutely no evidence the folks that County Executive Hornberger put up are cronies nor puppets, if so please present the facts pertaining to this rather than fostering false divisive assumptions.

Hornberger did the right thing by cleaning house on the unethical ethics board and the liberal CBL PAC is angry. If you notice it is the same rabble-rouser who were against Hornberger’s agenda in the election are the same ones that continue with their resentment and hatred for her taking on the role of County Executive with her conservative agenda she promised the voters.

In closing, the election is over and the people have spoken and it is time for the Council to act for these voters (who are the majority) until the next election cycle says otherwise. Just because the minority is the noisiest does not mean it is the correct course of action. The voters have spoken – now it is time for action for the voters of Cecil County. The election was a blow out and should send a strong message to the CBL PAC members and the council members who are affiliated with them.

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here is a direct link to the complaint: http://cecilcounty.news/2020/10/18/cecil-county-government-sued-for-constitutional-violations/

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