Last week, our congressman, Rep. Andy Harris, signed onto an amicus brief (letter of support) for the lawsuit filed by the attorney general of Texas asking the Supreme Court to invalidate the recent presidential election that was fairly won by Joe Biden. The suit challenged voting procedures in four states and sought to discard the votes cast by millions of Americans in those states. Of course, the four states were those narrowly won by Joe Biden, and the suit did not challenge any procedures in states narrowly won by Donald Trump, or in any other states. The lawsuit was transparently partisan and entirely specious, and it is no surprise that it was rejected on Friday by the Supreme Court.

The Trump campaign has been unable to provide any evidence of significant problems with the election, despite repeated fallacious claims by President Trump himself. Even Trump’s own Attorney General has said that the election had no major issues. All states have certified their vote totals, and on Monday the electoral college met and, as the Constitution provides, formally elected Joe Biden the next president.

A total of 18 Republican state attorneys general and 125 of Harris’s Republican congressional colleagues signed onto the Texas lawsuit — a sad comment on the state of the Republican Party, or should I say, the Party of Trump. They all knew the suit was bogus, but are so intimidated by Trump and his base that they feel they must indulge his every delusion. The real point of this stunt was to promote the false narrative that the election had been somehow stolen from Trump, as if the presidency was his by right, and to make it difficult for Joe Biden to govern.

Andy Harris swore and oath to uphold the Constitution, yet he asked the high court to invalidate an open and fair presidential election that his side lost. He put party before country. Harris should resign so that we can be represented by someone who respects American democracy.

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I agree, wholeheartedly. It is treasonous to support undermining our election in this manner, and Harris should, at the very least, be censured.

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