In recent publications of the Whig, there have been several letters criticizing Congressman Harris for his position on voter integrity in the recent election. My first reaction in reading their letters is to ask these authors if they accept what is truth over that which is false and mere propaganda. I hope they do. It is true that the U.S. Constitution spells out that the State Legislatures are responsible for election rules and regulations. So what occurred in many States, PA in particular? There, the Secretary of State and the Governor changed the rules as to how the election was to be conducted. This was clearly a series of lawless acts not within their jurisdiction. Further, this was challenged in the courts including the SCOTUS but none were willing to address the issue. Their refusal to act does not change the fact of lawless action. There are a number of other lawless acts which occurred on election day but that discussion is for another time. Let’s give Congressman Harris credit for standing up for law and order.

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