Letters to the Editor

The Whig's article of Saturday, July 27, titled "State OK's Utility Plan with R.S. Changes" implies that West Nottingham Academy supports the town of Rising Sun in its efforts to realize its version of Cecil County’s 2019 Master Water and Sewer Plan. It also implies that WNA has now or has had "health and safety concerns" regarding our campus's water.

The article's implications are wrong on both counts. Please note that WNA's water is always maintained and completely safe for the residents of our campus. Also, please note that on May 28, WNA sent a letter to Rising Sun Town Administrator Calvin Bonenberger making specifically clear that WNA does not support the town of Rising Sun's version of the Master Plan. The letter formally requested the town withdraw language that indicated WNA's support from a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant the town wrote to fund their water and sewer project.

The two closing paragraphs of the letter read as follows: 'While I appreciate your dedication to doing what you believe is best for your own situation, I must at this time formally withdraw our support for the USDA grant you have submitted regarding this project. Please be sure to immediately document for the USDA WNA’s official position that Rising Sun’s project as stated in the application is not in the school’s best interest economically or environmentally. Also please note that while we work hard with our current system to keep our water safe and our sewage treatment plant functioning properly, and while we are always looking for ways to improve, we continually maintain the required standards for good water and sewage treatment that ensure the health and safety of our students and of the environment of our beautiful and sustainable campus."

Thomas J. Banks serves as Head of School at West Nottingham Academy.

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I am a little confused by his letter... Did they NEVER support it or did they change their mind and "withdraw" their support?

My understanding was WNA supported the new water and only later changed their mind. This letter does not make it very clear still.

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