Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,

Cecil County is very much in the limelight right now with the Southfields development. But who is this develops? This man who dropped out of the cloud?

Did he hand in a resume to the county? Or did he just say, "Move over boys, i’m here. i’m taking over”?

Everyone seems to want to get in on the action, probably because there are millions and millions of dollars at stake. But thousands of people will be affected by this. I will be affected by this. I live close to the property.

i’d like to see where you’re going to put more houses on an acre of property. I have three-quarters of an acre, and I just walk right in my front door and then out my back.

i think that people have a right to see his resume. He’s from North Carolina, but who is he? Everyone says to me when we go to those meetings, “Who is this guy? What did he do to get here?”

What wonderful, wonderful things? When I go through town I see empty offices. There are seven empty offices I counted in Elkton on my way through town. Peebles is going. Kmart has gone.

Let's help the people that already live here and work here, instead of trying to transform a town that was never his town to begin with. Let’s help [the locals] get started.

Let’s see his resume. What wonderful deeds has he done for other towns that he can be proud of? Can he present to the people to say, “Here is what i’ve done”?

We don’t even know where he lives. Seems like this man is blackjacking or something.

Editor's Note: We believe Ms. Brown to be speaking of Stonewall Capital principal Ray Jackson. Our research shows Mr. Jackson to be Monkton-based, and a member of the Building For Good Foundation. One online source lists the company, or perhaps Mr. Jackson, as being based out of Charlotte, N.C. Jackson is or recently was on the board of Best Buddies Maryland.

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