Last week, the Whig’s editors apparently thought it was necessary to print a 500+ word letter to the editor, from a man who doesn’t live in Cecil County, that repeated right-wing misinformation about the past presidential election, posing as “questions.”

First, nobody is calling people traitors who simply have questions about the election. That self-victimization is a smokescreen to distract from those who violently attacked our seat of government and tried by force to stop the lawful counting of certified state vote totals, and those who encouraged them.

It’s ironic that people who accept the Trumpist big lie about the election call themselves “truth seekers”. The real truth is available to anyone who is open to publicly available, independently verifiable facts.

For example, about all those “affidavits.” They are just signed, written statements by people who may or may not know what they’re talking about (many contain hearsay or a misinterpretation of events) and who may or may not have their own agenda. Apparently, none were convincing to judges in any of the 60-some failed lawsuits that Trump supporters filed in an attempt to negate the election — and that includes Republican judges, some appointed by Trump. The court system is the way we sort truth from falsehood in our public life.

It’s all very well to speculate about hackers, but there was no convincing evidence presented by anyone that any electronic voting systems were compromised, and both the Justice Department and the federal intelligence agencies — part of the Trump administration — stated that the vote was secure. Again, nothing persuasive to the contrary was ever presented to the courts. Georgia, in fact, conducted a complete recount of paper ballots by hand and got virtually the same numbers as the machine counts. One of Trump’s attorneys now says that “no reasonable person” would believe her statements about vote count fraud.

And count me among the millions of people who do — yes — truly believe that Joe Biden got millions more votes than Donald Trump. Various independent polls predicted that result. After four years of Trump’s lies, incompetence, and corruption, a solid majority of American voters were determined to send him packing. For many people, unexciting but experienced Joe Biden seemed like the kind of president that could help us solve the serious problems we face.

The truth is indeed out there for those who make a good-faith effort to seek it.

George Kaplan, Colora

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