I believe racism is as much a part of America’s culture as baseball and apple pie. It was embedded and woven into the fabric of this country since it’s very foundation. Some of us refuse to see or acknowledge the unbalanced power structure because we haven’t reconciled ourselves to our history, or we enjoy the privilege it provides and don’t want to relinquish it. However, we must face it, even embrace it in order to change mindsets, heal the land, and move forward.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 accomplished much. In my lifetime we have seen Black people move from the back of the bus, allowed to use public restrooms, laws written for affirmative action for all disenfranchised including women, and desegregation of public schools. We continue to have huge problems to address with the redlining of Black neighborhoods and inadequate resources for the schools in these communities, however, on paper we have the right to live where we want, and most importantly we gained the right to vote. Picture that! This happened only 55 years ago and not some far away slavery days.

However, the work was incomplete. The challenge is being made to now finish what was left undone. To come together as one people in one love to correct the mistakes of the past and begin true reform for all people. Our Native Americans, Latinx, LBGTQ communities, and anyone else that I failed to mention who feel they do not share in full and equal rights.

While we may not be able to change the universe, we can bring reforms to our little corners of the world. Protesting is not for everyone, but we can all write a letter to our representatives and community leaders, make phone calls, talk to those in our circles, and most of all VOTE.

To all the members of Cecil Solidarity I thank you for standing up.

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