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The real Alan McCarthy

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I attended the Nov 21st Cecil County Republican meeting and I was disgusted with what I witnessed and how my peers of registered voters were treated. County Executive Alan McCarthy and his board blatantly disregarded the clubs bylaws and pushed through their own personal agendas by electing a new board of hand-selected candidates of their choosing. There was no discussion on the candidates before the vote to understand if they were even in the best interest of the club. Alan met anyone that disagreed with him with hostility and called them “out of order” before insisted a vote be taken immediately. When questioned on the deceptive practices the only response was “I forgot”, “I don’t care” and “it’s just a club”. What Alan and the board fail to realize is that it is not just a club. Many voters believe that this club’s recommendations for public office are in the best interest of the Republican Party however, it is now clear that the recommendations are in the best interest of Alan McCarthy & his associates. The videos of the meeting on Facebook clearly shows that Alan had no interest in listening or answering to the paying club members and/or registered voters in attendance. It makes me question how Alan conducts himself behind closed doors when there is no one to challenge him based on what I saw that evening. As I left the meeting, Alan’s good old boy network of local businessmen chastised anyone voicing disappointment in what had happened. As a registered voter in Cecil County for almost 20 years, I cannot support Alan McCarthy or any of his associates in any upcoming elections. I will forever question anyone that Alan endorses for office. As an elected public and private official, Alan should know that meeting his constituents with such anger over simple questions will not bode well in the eyes of voters. It is time for a change and I hope this letter helps shed some light on the real Alan McCarthy. Research for yourself and you will see what I found.


Holly Wolf

245 Thomas Jefferson Terrace

Elkton, MD 21921

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Didn't vote for him. I thought the people knew beter.

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