Letters to the Editor

The author Jarod Kintz wrote, “One of my main regrets in life is giving thought to inconsiderate people.”

Inconsiderate? That term is too mild.

Selfish. Moronic. Criminal. Stupid.

Who are these idiots who throw trash on the side of the road? It’s not just cigarette butts, fast food containers and beer bottles. Some jerks think they can unload old tires, TVs and unwanted junk. Stuff they don’t want; yet they believe the rest of us are OK looking at it on the side of the roadway.

We owe gratitude to many fine volunteers of the Friends of the Bohemia who devoted their Saturday to clean up along the riverside and roadsides of the Bohemia River watershed. Tons of waste was removed. What a difference! Thank you!

Here’s the rub:

Within 24 hours of the cleanup, new litter was already discarded by low-life “inconsiderates”!

We all need to do our part to keep our region clean. It’s good for our Chesapeake Bay. It’s good for our quality of life. It’s good for you!

Along with Kintz, I also regret that I’ve had to “give thought to inconsiderate people.” There is no excuse — just stupidity!

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