I have my reasons for being against House Resolution 38, which moved through the House of Representatives at breakneck speed. I believe we need tougher gun control, not weaker. I believe that we have the right to bear arms within reason, because the Founding Fathers did not envision bump-stocks and semi-automatic rifles entering the hands of mass murderers. Those are my beliefs. I don’t expect Rep. Andy Harris to share them.

But I do expect Harris, as someone from a party that values a smaller government and giving more power to individual states, to vote against something like HR 38 on the premise that it takes away from states’ rights. Maryland limits who can receive a concealed carry permit, but other states do not have rules as thorough as our state. If HR 38 becomes law, residents from states with lax laws will be able to waltz into our communities with concealed weapons.

Harris has proved time and time again that he does not value the health or safety of his constituents. With his votes to overturn ACA and most recently his vote for the controversial tax bill that will hurt health care and benefit billionaires, Harris has shown that special interests trump the residents of the First District.

Lindsay Bergman-Debes is a member of the Cecil County Democratic Central Committee.

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Well said Lindsay Bergman-Debes. Andy Harris is not looking out for his constituents. He apparently is looking out for the big donor money like the NRA which gave him $8000 in his last election.

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