Cannabis, abortion, gender, race, minimum wage, pandemic, climate change, immigration, education. People pin their happiness on one or another issue like their lives depend on it. (Okay, in some cases it does.)

American politics these days is basically a list of social addictions to narrow causes. This is not real citizenship. Real “wokeness” means having an interest in and a little knowledge of a wide variety of issues, and some depth in more than one of them.

The less we know about things important to others, the worse-off we are individually and the worse-off society is.

Also, there are more choices than just “for” or “against.” This positional black and whiteness is killing us as much as our narrow focus is. Sure, national political party politics today presents us with two grim alternatives: runaway socialism (today’s Democratic Party) vs. runaway capitalism (today’s Republican Party).

What on God’s green earth makes us think there isn’t a better solution somewhere between the north and the south pole?

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

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