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Editor's note: This letter to the editor incorrectly identifies reporter Katie Tabeling's Oct. 3 article about Danielle Hornberger's campaign for county executive as an editorial.

Danielle Hornberger is the best choice for County Executive.

I was present at the Danielle Hornberger's fundraiser. I listened to her speech and spoke with her personally before and after. I also read the editorial by the Whig's Katie Tableling. To be perfectly honest, it did not do her any justice. Talking about her platform and placing an asterisk in the form of a terse remark about never having held a public office before is in my opinion below the quality that a member of the fourth estate should aspire to.

Coming into a high position as an outsider is not a handicap, as the editorial makes it seem. Larry Hogan had very little political experience prior to being elected Governor of Maryland. He failed twice to be elected as a Congressman for Maryland's 5th district and served four years as Secretary of Appointments. And even if you disagree on the White House drama, President Donald Trump has presided over a thriving economy complimented by record highs in the stock market and lows in unemployment. The President had never held a public office prior to his election.

The future of politics — local, state, and federal — is outside the establishment. America should have been done with old, tired politicians who only know how to tax and spend a long time ago. Cecil County doesn't need an over-designed $21 million public library. The people living in the vicinity of the Southfields Project do not deserve to have their property values destroyed or nature polluted by an industrial park. It does not need free trade and organic economic growth sidelined so that our incumbent can enrich his donors and friends. It does not need an incumbent who violates the county charter on outside income.

Danielle Hornberger is a part of the community she wants to serve. She's a wife, a mother, and an educator. To be a mother you need strength, resolve and management ability like no other; I'm sure anyone who thinks of their own mother will agree on that. And in my opinion, Hornberger's experience as a teacher gives her a better understanding of the needs of the educational system. I'd say there's no one in this race better suited for the office.

She's got my vote.

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