Letters to the Editor

Here are some reasons I oppose Maryland's Early Risk Protection Order, aka "red flag" law.

There is no evidence that red flag laws work. Red flag laws violate due process. Our Constitution mandates that no one shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. Depriving people of this right in the absence of criminal charges or trial is an affront to civil liberties.

Red flag laws can lead to more violence. In Maryland, two police officers shot and killed Gary Willis who was never charged with a crime. It is not just the mentally ill or grave threats who are flagged. As written, anyone can be subject to an ERPO without ever having threatened someone or committed a crime.

Finally, this is creating thought crime or pre-crime scenario. Compromising civil liberties and property rights to prevent acts of violence that have yet to occur are policies more suited to police states and dystopian thrillers than a free society.

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