As a Cecil county resident I looked into Cecil Solidarity... I went to their Facebook page, watched some of their videos, and part of me feels sorry for them, but another other part feels in disbelief, and angry, for to me it is clear they are a group of confused people who are being used by the left to bring communism here.

First, the parts in which they talk about racism in Cecil I do understand. My wife and I have dealt with racists individuals here. There is no excuse for anyone to judge people by their race, for each person is an individual. That is the part that feels sorry for them, and I understand.

The part of me that are in disbelief, and angry is the part that saw the BLM, and leftists deep roots that this group has. To be against racism is one thing, but the “progressive,” and “equality” bits raises major red flags to this communism escapee.

Their calls for more intrusive government for example go against the most basic core belief of our great nation, with is limited government. They think that the answer to right the wrongs of poverty, and racism is bigger and more intrusive government. That is completely wrong.

In the case of poverty what I say to many American-born is that for the last decades the source of a lot of the poverty problems in the US is bad individual’s personal choices.

This is my reference; I came to this country 40 years ago in 1980 with my parents, on a boat full of refugees, escaping one of the worse totalitarian regimes (communist Cuba) with just the clothes I had on, and nothing else. I had to reinvent myself, learn a new language, a new culture, a new way of life... everything. But then, after decades being careful about what choices I made in life, working hard, including two decades of service with the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Force, I thrived and succeeded.

The problem in the U.S. is people making mistakes after mistakes... drugs, gangs, alcohol, single mothers, not studying/improving yourself, not choosing careers that have good job opportunities because they may be “too hard,” not working hard period. I see this again and again in people whose lives are a mess.

Regarding their “equality” bits, well that is communism, a system in which your individuality is non-existent, and you are just a pawn of the state. America is about equal opportunity, meaning a level playing field for all its citizens... but it is still up to the individual to get their crap together, and do the things they have to do in order to succeed in life by their own merits. To have a controlling government take from some to give to others by force/laws is theft.

Now, should those who have more help out of the kindness of their own heart those in need? You bet! But to install a government that then takes from those more successful to give to others, who in many instances do not deserve it is dead wrong.

Capitalism, and the American way, personal responsibility, small government, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, love of country just to name the most important ones in my book are the keys to keep this country great.

And my warning to them is this; once this great nation is gone, there will be no other place on this planet to escape to.... none, for we are the last bastion of liberty on Earth. Millions of people all throughout this planet would give up a body part just for the chance of living here, I know... I was one of them.

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Luis, your comments are carefully considered and respectful. My thought is that Facebook is should not be considered an accurate, and certainly not a balanced view of anything. It is, unfortunately, what stands in for media in our county and the larger world. My impression of Cecil Solidarity is that they are a diverse group of Cecil County people who are drawing a line on racism and police brutality and as an organization have attempted to remain non-political and focused on their mission. And I'll add that the heavy handed police tactics that have been used against constitutionally protected protesters nationwide are more reminiscent of the communism you escaped from than what should be tolerated in a democracy.

Tim Rothermel

Hi Luis, I appreciate your concerns. Please feel free to email anytime and I'd be happy to discuss further any concerns you may have.

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