Letters to the Editor

Make no mistake: we live in dangerous times.

On April 12, President Trump posted a video on Twitter in which he took Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s words out of context and spliced them with footage of 9/11. Since the tweet, Omar has experienced an increase in threats to her life and safety. This is hardly the first time the president has targeted Muslims, but it’s the first he’s used propaganda to single out a sitting member of Congress.

Islamophobia remains an issue in this country because the president demonizes people from Muslim-majority countries with his racist Muslim ban even when all recent terrorist attacks in the United States have been carried out by white men.

He’s said that white nationalism isn’t a threat to the United States despite a marked increase in white supremacist propaganda efforts and number of hate groups in the country. This is a president who — after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville — said there were “very fine people on both sides.”

Words have power, especially the words of the person in charge of the country. These are all separate incidents, but when you start to add them together, it’s language that empowers white nationalism and violence against marginalized groups in our society.

Don’t dismiss the danger we are in merely because “it’s just words.”

Lindsay Bergman-Debes is the secretary of the Cecil County Democratic Central Committee and Cecil County Democrat Club.

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Seems like the typical talking points for democrats. Just because they are repeated over and over and over does not make them any more truer than the “Russian Collusion” hoax.

Let’s first clear up a few definitions you are throwing around. “Nationalism” is loyalty and devotion to a nation. The fact you are picking out only ‘whites” seems to be racist in itself as you are calling out only white folks who love our nation as the bad folks? There is nationalism of all makes and models! Some are women, men, black, white, and some even have special sexual preferences which is not really any of our business either…

I do not see anything dangerous about these times vs any other times in our county during peace times. I think the only real phobia is Trumphobia not Islamophobia. The quote “very fine people on both sides.” Is taken out of context and it's only assume he was also referring to the white supremacist. Let’s also be clear that nationalism includes everyone who loves our nation. This may also include undesirable groups as you describe but should not deem nationalism as hate group from this small percentage of folks.

Words do have power if use correctly! Be sure to use the proper dictionary and not Wikipedia or the Urban Dictionary.

I hope to hear more discussion about real issues about our nation and not the besmirching of our president day after day. We have far more important conversations to. Frankly it is getting old hearing the same old thing day in and day out. I appreciate democrats alternative point of views on policies but pretty sick of the continuous attacks on our President of the Untied States. It has been 2 years now... Lets move on!

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