Hello William,

Thank you for reaching out to me. I think there is a lot of confusion on the topic thanks to Cecil Solidarity (Black Lives Matters group).

Let me first of all explain I am an individualist in where I believe on treating everyone as an individual based on their own merits. It does not matter if they are Republican, Democrat, white, black, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. I teach my children these same principles. I work with different nationalities all over the world and I have also traveled all over the word to see this world first hand. I have a little bit of firsthand experience from my travels and interaction with diverse people while I am sure the BLM groups would contest that is racist to state.

My dispute with the Tome School was from ongoing political indoctrination by the head of school not race related issues. The first blatant incident was a while back with Tome did a “school walkout” to protest guns due to the mass shooting from a problem individual which was political at the time. I spoke with the head of school and asked if the school was teaching academics or political agendas through the school. While she continued to agree with my logic to my arguments about what a school should and should not be doing she ultimately agreed to disagree on why to continue with it or not.

Since then it was reported by my son that the school was very politicize internally and everyone basically had to pick a side to “fit in”. As you can imagine this creates a poor learning environment when everything inside is polarized with politics. I have overheard teachers complain about this but will not say a word and refuse to come forward in fear of losing their jobs for not walking the political agenda line.

This last incident was no different. I had a problem with the reading list as it was politically one sided on their “diversity” claims. Again the school followed suit with highly political Black Lives Matter theme that is foster by political money. If the school indeed wanted to be inclusive they would have included many other races like American Indian or Alaska Native, Hispanic or Latino, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. But also note they go even further to push their political agenda to parents too. Many of these books to the parents implied they may racist.

I have reached out to the numerous parents regarding the Cecil Whig’s inquiry but I am doubtful any of them will participate as they seen how the “tolerant” angry mob treats others they do not agree with. Not everyone has the stomach and thick skin to stand up to these BLM bullies as they find anything to attack them for as we seen on my personal page already.

Thank you

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