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On namecalling and worldviews

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I recently found out that the Cecil Businesses for Better Government implied that I may be “local anarchist” because I favor restraint in government spending and taxation.

The term was used to disparage those of us who disagree with CBL, instead of debating the points we make about how our tax dollars are used. Using inflammatory labels instead of reasoned discourse is a favorite ploy of communists.

See how easy that was? I just did the same thing. I caused the imagination conjure up a vile image instead of using legitimate argument to support an opinion. We at the Campaign for Liberty contend that there is too much unnecessary government spending, taxation and regulation.

Did you notice how, on a national, scale the US economy grew rapidly when the politicians in Washington reduced taxes and regulations? Remember the dozens of companies that gave thousands of employees thousand dollar bonuses after company taxes were reduced? Government policies affect everything we do and rules that govern are important to keep society safer and more honest.

But over spending, over regulating and over taxation stifles economic output, incentive and puts a huge burden on those who are least able to cope with them.

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Tim Rothermel

It’s hilarious to see someone from the C4L complain about “name calling” given that their FB page is literally nothing but lame memes that insult anyone in Cecil County that disagrees with them.

Good stuff man, thanks for the laugh.

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