Shame on the Cecil Whig for failing to fact check a letter and instead promoting a large font attack on Dr. Lawson. A simple search negates the alleged “facts” in the letter calling in to question the effectiveness of masks to prevent the spread of Covid and disease.

In February 2021, the Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed 10 prior studies and indicated that a cloth mask reduces infectious droplet spread between 50% and 70%. The same studies showed that wearing a mask diminished the risk of the infected from inhaling the droplets. This was a peer reviewed study.

Similarly, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S. Researchers looked at over 150 studies and found that masks combined with other mitigation efforts significantly reduces spread. First published in January and peer reviewed.

The University of Alabama, currently one of the highest infection areas, published a peer reviewed article in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in September 2020 indicating the effectiveness in masking.

Israel is mentioned in the writer’s letter, but it should be noted that Israel has just reinstated its mask mandate.

I don’t know where the writer looked for peer reviewed articles that validate mask wearing before writing her letter, but there are far more peer reviewed that document the effectiveness of masks than those that refute it. There are dozens of other peer reviewed studies I am not going to list, but this clearly contradicts the contention that “there are none!” as stated. For the sake of the community, please don’t allow personal attacks on those local figures who are just trying to protect the health of our community, and do, indeed, have science on their side.

Laura McCann

Chesapeake City, MD

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