I urge Cecil County voters to watch the debate between 1st Congressional District incumbent Andy Harris and Democratic challenger Heather Mizeur that took place last Wednesday at Cecil College. You can find the video at Cecil.TV. It’s a well-run debate revealing of the character and capabilities of both candidates. The final question asking incumbent Andy Harris about his participation in the former president’s Dec. 21, 2020 White House meeting to strategize with “select” legislators was particularly revealing of Harris’s character. His response was to marvel at how wonderful that he, the son of immigrants, was so privileged as to find himself sitting in front of the Resolute desk that day. Yes, the son of immigrants got to be in the presence of that symbol of presidential power while participating in a planning session to subvert the certification of the duly elected next president by submitting baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. Things didn’t work out for him and his co-conspirators in 2020, but Harris appears to have no compunction about participating in dishonest and anti-Democratic activity then, so what would keep him on the right side of the Constitution the next time he backs a sore loser?

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