The Bad Girl Syndrome

We all know about that. In high school, the gossips shared who were the bad girls.

The Taliban today now requires that all the girls working the TV stations wear full face covers. The public doesn’t want to see their faces, or their hair, or their ankles.

In America, the lawmakers shout loud and clear: women can’t be trusted to do what is good for them. We lawyers know what is best for (incompetent) girls. Trust us. We will require what is best for our girls.

We all know how doctors don’t care or even know about girls. We lawyers will set them right. Get them out of the care of our girls.

Yes, girls across the country will scream. They will throw dirt, but we (old) men know what is best for them. We men will take care of the bad girls and the bad docs.

Ya, what is this person thing at conception? Sometimes that joining of man’s seed with girl’s egg doesn’t work out. You know a loss, a miscarriage. So that person thing is lost. That person is gone before it is viable. Gone before it is born. Now who is responsible? Surely not the guy. Someone is in charge of this loss. This death of a person thing. Must be that bad girl. She will be charged for the lost person.

Now the old men on the Supreme Court will decide that our girls are the real bad girls. They can’t control their bodies, make decisions that are good for them. Freedom gone. We know best. We control.

E. Gottfred Olsen Elkton, Md.

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