My letter is in response to the “Mask-Free” article submitted by Susan Estrich in the July 9th, 2021 paper.

I am baffled by mainstream folks who have unfound judgements of people who are not vaccinated. Susan Estrich wrote an editorial on July 9, 2021 and her opinions made my head tilt to the side in a Tina Fey “Really?” way. Her editorial comes on the heels of last weeks’ Bloomberg radio show calling non-vaccinated people rural and influenced by social media. My opinion is typically shared with others… I am never as “unique” or “odd” as I think.

First-off, I am college-educated, well-read and open-minded. Unlike Bloomberg who stated last week that the rural, unvaccinated population listens to Facebook instead of News, I listen to news until politicization and polarization force me to shut it off. I have not read any social media rants on Covid; my opinions are mine. I come from the generation that doesn’t trust government yet doesn’t take the time to protest, to attend group meetings, nor to state opinions on-line. We are folks who will support you in government as long as you aren’t “deep-state” and are really for 99% of Americans.

Unlike Susan Estrich indicated, our family wore masks all the time and even after others didn’t. There is no correlation between not wearing masks and being unvaccinated. We sterilized our groceries before they entered the house. We had everything delivered initially. We were very careful, and even when we do not think we needemasks, we wear them out of respect for other people.

As for the vaccine, we assumed schools would mandate vaccines so our son got one, and we are fine with that. Yet I am unvaccinated and plan to stay that way until the government makes it too hard to live without it. Why? It is not because, as Susan Estrich indicates, that I am using an “excuse”, nor am I a back-woods, rural person who only listen to social media as Bloomberg indicates. Instead, I am a very well-traveled, educated person who factually believes that 6 months cannot make a good vaccine. Most take years to approve, so a rushed vaccine isn’t something I want. Give it time to be tested properly.

Tara Heiss

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